Advanced Allergy Relief  (AAR) is an advanced and proved technology that eliminates the reactions from most forms of allergies and sensitivities. It is a technology that merges 21st century science and technology with 3,000 year old traditional acupuncture principles to create a non-invasive, drug-free treatment. Rather than treating the symptoms, ARR treats the problem at its source by retraining the body so that it no longer reacts inappropriately to the allergen. Once treated, patients can recommence contact with the substance that had previously caused the allergic reaction or sensitivity.

The AAR treatment was developed over a decade of clinical research. The success of the treatment is attributed to the extensive knowledge base and in-depth study of allergens, allowing for the treatment of a broad range of symptoms. With this theraputic breakthrough, the AAR treatment does not rely on the use of medications, herbal remedies or supplements. The treatment is safe, painless and available to all ages including infants.



AAR cannot treat lactose intolerance.If the symptoms are related to an allergy to milk or other dairy products, the treatment can be very effective. However, lactose intolerance is not an allergy, it is the inability to digest certain amounts of lactose, the major sugar found in milk. The condition is caused by a deficiency of the enzyme lactase, which is produced by the cells of the lining in the small intesting. Lactose intolerance is often confused with dairy allergies because the symptoms are similar, yet they are unrelated. However, the two conditions can occur together and in such cases, the AAR treatment can offer partial benefit.

AAR cannot treat allergens that cause anaphylactic shock (an allergic reaction that causes airways to constrict so tightly the person is unable to breathe)



AAR has treated hundreds of patients with long term results in the vast majority of cases. The success rate is not 100% as there are many variables in human physiology as well as complexities of allergens. The AAR body of research is always expanding and the success rate continues to increase.

Some conditions are relatively simple to treat with a very high success rate, such as dust mites, molds, seasonal pollens, sinusitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, hay fever, lactose and wheat sensitivity. Unusual conditions that are not normally associated with allergy or sensitivity can often benefit from treatment, such as ADD, ADHD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, heat rash, joint pain, hives and more. Asthma is usually improved if allergies or sensitivities are contributing.



AAR uses gentle pressure to stimulate points along two meridians on the back, corresponding with the major organ systems. According to Traditional Acupuncture, this stimulation relaxes the body and temporarily strengthens the major organ systems. The body associates this positive stimulus with the allergen, eliciting a “positive conditioning” effect. By associating an allergen with a strengthening of the major organs, the body alters it’s perception and corrects its own erroneous response.



I was having trouble with eating and drinking dairy products. I would literally get sick after I had ingested anything dairy. After one treatment with the AAR, I can now eat yogurt, ice cream, and drink milk without getting sick. –Mary T

I have had allergy symptoms for 18 years and have gone to numerous allergy specialists with little relief. But, since I have been coming to Dr. Triba, I have taken less allergy medication. I have always believed in natural treatment and this has proven to work for me. -Shahira Z

I used to take allergy medication daily and since my treatments last year I’ve only taken a few pills, less than 10, this year. I don’t know what the treatment did, but I’m happy with the results. -Tim C

Before treatment I had breathing problems whenever I was around dogs, cats, mold, and mildews. During treatment, I found I was also allergic to dust. I would feel a need for an inhaler about every 4-6 hours. Now I have only used it 2-3 times a month and it seems to continue to stretch out. I would recommend this treatment to everyone with allergy problems. -Michael H

My 5 year old daughter suffered from allergies all year around and we tried many different allergy specialists. The medicines made her irritable and groggy. We tried Dr. Triba’s Advanced Allergy Relief and in 4 sessions she was allergy free and off her medications. Thank you so much for helping my daughter! -Susanne S

I can truly say Dr. Triba’s treatments for allergy relief do work. What a change he has made in my life. -Rudy B, 91 years young

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate being your patient. I have not had any symptoms since I started receiving your treatments. I tell everyone about your work and I am happy to spread the good news. – Stan V

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